October 26 – Happy Birthday, C. W. Post!

Posted on October 26, 2013

Munch some cereal today in honor of Mr. Post, one of America's first and most famous cereal manufacturers.

Post was born on this date in 1854, growing up in the hometown of Abraham Lincoln, in Illinois. As an adult, he began to manufacture farm implements.

However, he fell ill and suffered several breakdowns and also digestive woes. Eventually he went to the sanitarium owned by the Kellogg brothers. He was impressed by the corn flakes he ate there and, after resuming his life outside of the sanitarium, Post started a new company to manufacture his own version of breakfast cereal.

The first product is still around – and is one of my favorites: Grape Nuts. Post followed up with “Elijah's Manna,” a corn flake cereal, which he soon renamed “Post Toasties.” Post now sells more than 15 varieties of cereal. I say “more than 15” because I am only counting Great Grains once, but there are six different flavors!

Yummy in our tummy...

Cereal is a favorite breakfast choice for many – and some people eat it as a snack or dessert as well! However, before stocking up on our favorite cereals, we should check the ingredients and nutritional information carefully because, like any processed food, cereal can be high on delicious while low on nutritious.

Yeah, when a cereal is named
for a not-very-natural, not-very-
healthy dessert, it's probably not
going to be on the most-nutritious
Here is a website with a sortable list comparing a variety of cereals.  The “best” list includes Post's Grape Nuts and also Shredded Wheat. The “worst” list includes some other Post cereals, probably invented by people long after Mr. Post died, during the modern era of the super-sugary cereal: Oreo Os, Waffle Crisp, Cocoa Pebbles, and Fruity Pebbles.

Yummly offers a lot of recipes using Grape Nuts: cookies, muffins, cereal bars, bread, pudding, and much, much more! 

Or make your own homemade version of Grape Nuts

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