November 17, 2012 - Homemade Bread Day

Get out your flour and your mixer, start your oven, and bake!

Try a recipe or two for making homemade bread. Here is a simple recipe that can be varied by using different sorts of flour or butter, oil, or margarine. 

Here is a recipe for a heartier bread—but notice that the recipe makes SIX LOAVES! You might want to cut that recipe way down! 

And here is a recipe for homemade cinnamon bread. Yum! 

Remember, all of these breads need active dry yeast—which works best when it is fairly fresh—and a whole lot of time to rise. If you want to make homemade bread that doesn't take so long, try a no-yeast recipe like banana bread, soda bread, or corn bread. There are a variety of quick bread recipes here

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