November 18, 2012 - Beni Festival in Trinidad, Bolivia

When I heard that there is a fair today in Trinidad, I thought of the island in the Caribbean named Trinidad. But this Trinidad is far from an island—it's a city far from any ocean, in the landlocked nation of Bolivia.

(Landlocked means that the entire nation is enclosed by land, and there is no navigable route to any ocean.)

Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in South America, but of course its culture is rich with color and handicrafts and dancing and music—and all of that is on display today!

Trinidad is in the part of Bolivia that is tropical rainforest, at the southern end of the Amazon basin. It's hot and humid (moist) most of the time, and the city is surrounded by rivers, lakes and lagoons. This city is the capital of the “department” (what the U.S. would call a “state”) of Beni.

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