November 2, 2011 - All Soul's Day

Along with the holidays called All-Hallow's Eve, All Saint's Day, and Day of the Dead, this is a day to honor loved ones who have died. It is celebrated in many parts of the world, particularly in Catholic communities, and it this celebration often lasts more than two days (hence all the different names for the evening and each day).

Offerings to the dead include marigolds, lit candles, food, incense, and photos or other memorabilia. Some people decorate with paper mache skulls or make and eat sugar skulls. There are spectacular parades of skeletons and ghouls, and cardboard coffins are rigged so that skeletons jump out at random times!

On a lighter note, today is also...

Cookie Monster Day

Today is the birthday of the big, blue, furry, goggle-eyed Cookie Monster, who (like me) LOVES cookies!

The Cookie Monster is known for his insatiable appetite. That means he never gets full and is usually sooooo hungry for cookies or anything else (he's even eaten letters and hubcaps!), he goes into a messy, noisy feeding frenzy.

To learn more about the Cookie Monster, check out Muppet Wiki


Jim Hensen, creator of the Muppets, dreamed up the Cookie Monster and other famous characters while doodling! Grab your favorite pencil or pen and start filling up some paper with doodles of your own. Be sure to doodle widely and wildly—draw everything from flowers and curlicues to animals and monsters to machines and jets to branches and gears and buttons and mountains.

A new book about doodling has been released to inspire you further: Doodling with Jim Hensen

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