August 31, 2011 - Trinidad and Tobago

Independence Day 

Whoo, hoo! Today, Trinidad and Tobago celebrates independence from England in 1962!

The Caribbean island of Trinidad is a little bit smaller than the U.S. state of Delaware, and the nearby island of Tobago is much, much smaller. The islands lie off the coast of Venezuela, in South America.

Although already settled by Amerindians and colonized by Spain, Trinidad and Tobago was turned over to French, Dutch, and Courlander colonizers, and in 1802 it was ceded to Great Britain. English is the only official language.

Although Trinidad and Tobago are beautiful and popular with tourists, the economy is mostly industrial. It is one of the best economies in the Caribbean.

The country is known for its Carnival, and it is the birthplace of steelpan (music made with big, curved metal drums) and calypso (a style of Afro-Caribbean music made commercially famous by American singer Harry Belafonte). Also invented in Trinidad is the dance called limbo—you know, the dance where you see how low you can go!

Here are some television professionals and kids doing the limbo, and here is an expert!

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