August 22, 2011 - Russian Flag Day

Today Russians commemorate the 1991 hoisting of their new flag.

You probably already know that Russia used to be largest state in the communist nation called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Did you also know that Russia is the largest nation on Earth? It covers about one-eighth of all the land area in the world, which means that most of the other 195 other nations do not have their “fair share” of land!

Unlike the Soviet Union's red flag, which was decorated with a single yellow star, hammer, and sickle, Russia's flag features three broad stripes, one each of red, white and blue. Of course, these colors are associated with the U.S. flag, as well...but did you know that more than 30 countries have tri-color red-white-and-blue flags?

This website has tons and tons of links you can use to learn about all things Russian, including the language. One of my favorite links was to a YouTube video called “Wonderful Moscow.”

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