March 25, 2011

Independence Day – Greece

Today is a national holiday for Greece, celebrating winning independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1830. Greek people celebrate with parades—a school flag parade in every town and village, plus a big armed forces parade in Athens.

Check out the parade photos here

One of the beauties of Greece...Melissani Lake

Explore some more...

  • Many times, when we learn about Greece, we learn about Ancient Greece. That's lots of fun to do (and there are some links about that here)...but modern Greece is fascinating, too!

  • Above is a photo of Shipwreck Beach. Hmmm...I wonder why they call it that?
  • Here is the National Geographic Kids site, with some pretty spectacular photos of Greece and info, too. 

  • And here are some more photos of modern Greece—including tons of photos of an Independence Day parade! 

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