August 28 - Happy Birthday, Ai Weiwei

Posted on August 28, 2018

Today's famous birthday is a Chinese artist and activist who was born on this date in 1957 in Beijing. He has openly criticized the human rights violations of the Chinese government, and China imprisoned on trumped up charges - supposedly for "economic crimes" and tax evasion, but really for daring to criticize the government. Weiwei lived for more than a decade in New York City and now lives in Berlin, Germany.

Ai Weiwei does a lot of sculptures and installations that comment on refugees. 

He's also done a lot of different "Forever Bicycles" installations in which thousand of bicycle frames are stacked or attached to one another.  

Weiwei has used bikes in a lot of pieces because bicycles have been very important vehicles in China. They were so popular during the 1960s through the 1980s that China was sometimes called "the Bicycle Kingdom." Wedding gifts often included bicycles, and George H. W. Bush recie

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