August 16 - Palindrome Week

Posted on August 16, 2018

Because the year of a written date is often written with the first two digits missing - making 2018 into just 18 - and because this is the eighth month of the year, this week has been Palindrome Week in the U.S. (In much of the world, the day is written before the month in a date, and for entire swaths of Asia dates are written this is not Palindrome Week for any other nation.)

Actually, the palindromes of Palindrome Week will be going on a bit longer than a week.

You may already know that palindromes are words or numbers that are the same backwards or forwards. Examples include MOM, MADAM, NURSES RUN, 101, and 45,654.

Well, this chunk of August has included: 







8-16-18 (today!)

and will include:




If you take out the punctuation, the numbers are the same backwards or forwards. 

For more on palindromes, check out the cool sequence below, plus this earlier post:


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