August 19 - International Bow Day

Posted on August 19, 2018
Today we celebrate the bow!

Bows can be made up of humble string, gorgeous velvet ribbon, raffia, or about a bajillion-and-eight other things. 

Bows can be used to keep our shoes on, put our hair up, decorate gifts, dress up a boy's or man's outfit, cinch in a girl's or woman's dress at the waist, or approximately eighty-bajillion other uses.

Bows can be super simple or waaaaaay intricate.

Put a bow on today, and enjoy bows here, there, and everywhere:

Of course you have seen bows in hair (above).
But have you seen someone with more bow than hair (below)?

And how about someone with a bow made of hair (above)?
Presents often have bows.
Sometimes they're COVERED with bows!

Some gifts can't be wrapped - but people still put a bow on them!
The house above has a huge bow as a holiday decoration!
You're apt to see bows at weddings..maybe in decorations (above).
or on flower girls' dresses (below).
Most dresses with bows have rather small bows
at the back, like the dresses above.

But others have large bows - sometimes in the front!
And if a bow is vast enough (below), it makes a fashion statement! 

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