July 25 – National Day of Galicia

Posted on July 25, 2018

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Feast Day of Santiago (Saint James) in Spain is today, July 25.

That's why today was chosen to be the national holiday of Galicia, in Spain - since Santiago is considered the patron saint of both Galicia (an autonomous community within Spain) and of Galicia's capital city, Santiago de Compostela.

Galicia is located on the Atlantic Ocean, north of Portugal.

Judging from Galicia's past national days, there will likely be political demonstrations during the day and fireworks at night.

Like many people in Catalonia, Spain, many people in Galicia would like to break away from Spain. Like Catalonia's Catalan, Galicia has its own language, although most people who consider Gallego (or Galician) as their first language also speak Spanish.  Gallego is more similar to Portuguese than it is to Spanish.

Galicia is known as the "Land of Witches"! With its Celtic background, Galicia offers tales of magic and magical creatures.

And Galicia is known for wild beaches, rías or inlets made by river valleys, and cliffs.

Galicia is also known for its seafood.

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