February 19 – Family Day in Saskatchewan

Posted on February 19, 2018

(Third Monday in February)

Whether it's ice skating or checking out a local art museum, loads of families in Saskatchewan (Canada) do fun stuff on this holiday. I mean, it is *Family* Day.

But "family" means more than just one's own little nuclear family. It can also refer to ancestors, recent and ancient, known and unknown. So some families use the day to find out more about their own family trees and ethnic heritage.

Luckily, it is also National Heritage Day in most of Canada... on the same day...so everyone, get your geneaology on!

Check out Saskatchewan!

It's pretty much in the middle of the nation...So no connection to an ocean or oceanic bay...

It's a province of prairies and taiga. Prairies are grasslands, and taiga is a region of pine and fir forests.

Just because there is no ocean access, it doesn't mean that there is no water! This is Canada, after all! Saskatchewan has about 100,000 lakes.

There aren't a lot of people, especially in the northern forest part. California is only about two-thirds the size of Saskatchewan, in area, but has almost 40 times the number of people!

Some of the cities have very cool names. I particularly like Moose Jaw, Swift Current, and Saskatoon.

Now, you may have noticed that these photos all show green plants and sunny, blue skies - but THIS IS WINTER in Saskatchewan! So now it looks more like this:

Snow-covered prairies, above
Snowy forests, below

The lakes of Saskatchewan might be nestled into snow forests (above)...
or might be frozen over (below)!

Cities in Saskatchewan might have a sprinkling of snow (above)
or a severe winter storm (below).

Wintertime can be a time of quiet beauty...
...or of noisy, rollicking good fun!

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