February 19, 2012 - National Democracy Day in Nepal

I have found several different sources on this Nepali holiday, and they offer different versions of when, how, and why it is celebrated. My best guess is that this patriotic holiday commemorates Nepal's freedom from the Rana regime in 1951. The celebration traditions apparently include worship services, rallies, lighting up homes at night, and fireworks.

Nepal is small and landlocked (which means it has no shoreline on an ocean or a sea connected to an ocean), but it is famous for its highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. (In Nepali, the name of this mountain is Sagarmatha.) It also has a unique flag: it is the only national flag in the world that is not a rectangle in shape. (Switzerland's flag is a square, but remember, squares are a special kind of rectangle.)

So...a really, really tall mountain, a cool flag—what else is special about Nepal? Take this quick quiz to find out.

  1. What is the name of the mountain range that makes up the northern part of Nepal?
    a. Andes b. Alps c. Himalayas d. Urals e. Appalachians
  1. What are the two majority religions in Nepal? (choose two)
    a. Buddhism b. Islam c. Baha'i d. Hinduism e. Christianity
  1. What two nations does Nepal lie between? (choose two)
    a. Russia b. Mongolia c. India d. China e. Bangladesh
  1. What is the name of Nepal's capital city?
    a. Mumbai b. Kathmandu c. Saigon d. Bangkok e. Beijing
  1. What is sometimes called Nepal's “third religion” because of its economic importance?
    a. Christianity b. oil drilling c. auto industry d. fishing e. tourism

1.c – 2.a,d – 3.c,d – 4.b – 5.e

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