March 20, 2013 Happy Birthday, Mitsumasa Anno!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite illustrators of children's books, Mitsumasa Anno.

I love his detailed illustration style, but I especially love Topsy Turvies, Anno's wordless picture book that was inspired by art by M.C. Escher. I even made a model of one of this book's illustrations, with little clay people walking upside down and sideways in defiance of common sense and gravity, for a college children's literature class.(Yes, I really am that geeky.)

Actually, it was Anno who first turned me on to Escher—and I love Esher's art! So I owe Anno big thanks for his wonderful books AND for introducing me to yet another marvelous artist!

Mitsumasa Anno was born on this date in 1926 in Tsuwano, Japan. The world is very lucky that Anno didn't die when he was drafted into the army during World War II!

Celebrate Anno today by reading (or, rather, poring over the illustrations in) one of his many books. Whether you explore math through books like Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar or Anno's Math Games, history and cultures through puzzle-like books like Anno's Spain or Anno's Journey, or the intersection of art and reality in books like Topsy Turvies and Upside Downers, Anno has a great variety of books to explore!

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