September 17 – National Gymnastics Day

Posted on September 17, 2016

Were you inspired by the Rio Olympics to try some gymnastics? Well, today is your day – gyms and coaches are celebrating the sport today, and there should be plenty of events for you to check out!

Here is the official website for the day.  It doesn't seem to have an event locator – bummer! – but there is a contest, a coloring page, and some contact info.

There are lots of beginners' tutorials for gymnastics online, but of course beginners are urged to have someone who knows what they are doing helping you or at least spotting you. 

That probably means lessons! 

But if you want some reminders of beginning techniques and stretching, check out this video, and this other video.

  • Now for some inspiration – it doesn't get much better than Simone Biles on the floor exercise.

  • Here is some pretty amazing men's gymnastics.

  • I've always loved rhythmic gymnastics. Here is a fantastic ball routine.

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