July 16 – Happy Birthday, Rain Pryor

Posted on July 16, 2016

Rain Pryor is probably most known for being the daughter of the famous comedian and actor Richard Pryor. But she has plenty of her own accomplishments!

Born on this date in 1968, Rain Pryor has a Jewish mother and grandparents, who helped raise her, as well as an African American father. Rain had several different sources of heritage to draw upon – and she has done so brilliantly! In her solo stage show Fried Chicken and Latkes, she talks about growing up in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. She plays her mother, her grandmothers, and great-grandmother; she does a great impression of her father; and she plays a variety of other characters such as bigots and bullies from school, a Valley Girl, and more.

Pryor has acted in a variety of TV shows and has several important stage credits in addition to her solo show. She is a jazz/blues singer and has performed a live cabaret show. She has also written a book. She is now the artistic director at a theater.

Pryor is able to share with the world her experiences with racism and being a “mixed chick,” as her tank top proclaims. She has been a spokesperson for MS research (her father suffered from multiple sclerosis, or MS, before he died).

There are several videos on offer on Rain Pryor's short bio here.

It would be amazing for more of us to be able to share our various cultures and heritages with others - to share our childhood experiences and outlooks on life. Some of us through painting or sculpture, others through articles or fiction, others, like Pryor, through singing and acting.

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