December 1 – Advent Begins

Posted on December 1, 2015

 Many people around the world – whether they are Christian believers or not –celebrate Christmas on December 25, and many \also have advent traditions – traditions, fun or stirring ways to count down the days in December until the 25th.

There are many sorts of advent calendars. The paper or cardboard advent calendars generally have 24 little windows; one window is opened each day. Christmas- or winter-themed pictures are revealed, or continuing bits from a story, or poems, or messages.

These paper calendars were first used by Germans in the 19th Century.

Some advent calendars are a bit more substantial and hold tiny gifts, toys, or chocolate pieces.

There must be an Advent calendar for everyone, with different themes such
as sports, hobbies, and movie, comic book, or TV characters!

Some families have other sorts of advent items that provide a countdown to Christmas. A German tradition is hanging 24 bags or boxes on a large wreath of fir boughs. Special advent decorations with wooden drawers or with fabric pockets can be purchased or created. A super easy way to do advent is to hang 24 gift bags on clotheslines!

Another advent item is candles. Generally advent candles are lit each Sunday in December, with one of the candles lit the first Sunday, two the second Sunday, and so on.

Nowadays, of course, you can count down to Christmas online! Here and here, plus here and here, you will find online advent calendars. 

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