December 28 – Holy Innocents' Day in Mexico

Posted on December 28, 2015

Today in Mexico many people play jokes on others, pull funny pranks, tell outlandish tall tales as if they were true, even make bragging (but lying) Facebook posts. Some newspapers have two front pages – one with astonishing headlines, and the other with actual news.

In other words, today is the Mexican version of April Fool's Day!

Being only a few days after Christmas, schools are still on vacation; this holiday encourages everyone to revel in childish (innocent) joy over joking.

After a joke is successfully played, the jokester commonly says:

Inocente palomita,
Que te dejaste engañar,
Sabiendo que en este día
Nada se debe prestar.

Innocent little dove,
You let yourself be fooled,
Knowing that on this day
Nothing should be lent.

Or the jokester might just say, “Inocente Para Siempre!- which means “Innocent Forever!” in Spanish.

By the way, this holiday is supposed to be the anniversary of King Herod killing all the young boys and babies in Bethlehem, in his attempt to kill Jesus. That's a grim beginning to a holiday of joy and frivolity!

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