November 30 – Independence Day in Barbados

Posted on November 30, 2015

On this day in 1966, Barbados became officially independent of the United Kingdom.

Barbados became a British colony starting with the first English settlement waaaayyyy back in 1627. At that time, apparently, there were no native peoples living on the island, although there were a lot of wild hogs descended from some pigs installed on the island by earlier Portuguese explorers.

The relationship between the Caribbean island colony of Barbados and the European island nation of England / Great Britain / United Kingdom was uninterrupted and peaceful. Even the move to independence was a peaceful process that began after World War II, in 1949.

Independence Day celebrations include a parade and gold-and-blue lights that echo the national flag.

Discover Barbados!

  • Barbados is famous for its consistent waves and good surfing. One of the most famous surf spots is called “Soup Bowl.”

  • Some of the names found in Barbados sound bad – even if the place is very nice. Two examples are the beautiful beach called Foul Bay and the very nice town called Holetown, which also has great beaches.
Foul Bay, above.
Holetown, below (2 photos).

  • The Barbados Wildlife Reserve features many tropical birds, brocket deer, iguanas, and red-footed tortoises.  Plus the very popular monkeys and giant snakes and...
  • The manchineel tree seems like any other tropical plant, and the fruit looks like an apple or pear – but this tree is toxic. The sap of the plant can blister skin and – if it gets into your eyes – can cause blindness! Yikes!

Another somewhat dangerous organism is the sea urchin. Its spines are not venomous, but they are sharp and can cause an infection if you step on one.

To learn more about Barbados, check out this and this other earlier post. 

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