November 29 – December 7 – Marrakech International Film Festival

Posted on November 29, 2013

For the thirteenth year, aspiring film makers will meet with luminaries of the movie world in an international festival! Famed director Martin Scorsese will head up the jury who will judge the films.

You can have a mini-film-festival yourself by watching some indie movies, documentaries, and cartoon shorts.
  • Have you seen the 2010 animated feature A Cat in Paris? How about the stop-motion film A Town Called Panic? I've heard some really good things about The Secret of Kells (although apparently there is cartoon violence, so it might not be okay for younger kids). All these movies should be available streaming on Netflix.

  • Netflix streaming offers such wonderful documentaries as Chasing Ice, Waste Land and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

  • I Googled animated short films for kids and ended up with Fishing with Sam, on You Tube, and a whole bunch of other suggestions on the sidebar!

Where in the world is Marrakech?

If you are in Africa, and you travel the farthest you can go northwest, you'll be in Morocco; and, in the heart of the nation of Morocco, you will find the city of Marrakech. It is an old, fortified city near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, and it is packed with vendors selling Berber rugs, handicrafts, and modern electronic devices in stalls; it also has modern neighborhoods and brand new hotels and resorts.

Wouldn't you love to go to a traditional Berber market, where you can buy from people who specialize in lemons, or pickles, or green and red and black olives? Another souk might offer all sorts of dried fruits and nuts, and yet another will offer hand-woven baskets, natural perfumes, and iguana skins. Go to one souk for ironware and lanterns and another for tee shirts and slippers.

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