March 17, 2013 - Van Gogh's Paintings Are a Hit – 1901

They were different than others' paintings.

They featured bold brush strokes and bright colors—including a notable amount of yellow—and in one case, at least, a swirling sky.

And the art world loved them!

On this date in 1901, a group of 71 paintings by Vincent van Gogh went on display at the Bernheim-Jeune gallery in Paris. People came and talked about the art and came again—and the art world recognized that van Gogh was a very important artist.

A bit late, that recognition, since van Gogh had committed suicide 11 years before! In his whole lifetime, this amazing artist had only sold one painting!

After that gallery 1901 show, van Gogh's popularity grew by leaps and bounds and zooming surges! Today he is one of the most known and loved of all painters. Even his not-so-famous paintings, the ones that are privately owned, sell for over 100 million dollars (adjusted for inflation)—and of course the really famous van Gogh paintings are considered priceless.

Explore some more!

  • I always think that van Gogh's Starry Night seems to show the wind blowing the stars and moon a bit in the sky. There seems to be motion in those brush strokes! Now someone has created a YouTube video that really does add motion to the painting! Check it out. 
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  • In this earlier post, I link to van Gogh coloring pages and the Garden of Praise bio and puzzles about van Gogh. 

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