September 6, 2012 - Unification Day in Bulgaria

The people of Bulgaria were bummed with the Treaty of Berlin (1878), because it assigned land Bulgarians considered part of their nation to other countries. Some Bulgarians began to explore peaceful ways of getting their land back.

One swath of land was called Northern Thrace, but the Treaty of Berlin gave it a new, artificial name: Eastern Rumelia. Most people living there wanted to be part of Bulgaria. And that is a huge reason why Bulgaria was able to take back Eastern Rumelia in a bloodless revolution on this date in 1885. Bulgaria and the former Eastern Rumelia declared their unification!

Gosh, I love a bloodless revolution! Peace instead of war, diplomacy instead of death.

But...most European nations didn't recognize the unified Bulgaria. In November of the same year, diplomacy failed and war broke out. A neighboring country, Serbia, attacked Bulgaria on some pretext, and a 14-day war was fought by soldiers of the two nations. Bulgaria won, and as the result of this short war, all the other nations of Europe accepted Bulgaria's unification.

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In the 2011 World Championships for Rhythmic Gymnastics, the Bulgarian team won a gold medal. I hoped they would do well during this year's Olympics, but they didn't medal at all in this artistic sport.

Glimpse a small sample of the beauties of Bulgaria.

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