July 1, 2012 - Independence Day in Burundi

The small African nation of Burundi declared its freedom from Belgium on this date in 1962—but after that was a lot of war and violence among the various peoples and groups in the nation. Partly because of this violence, Burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world, with 80% (more than three quarters!) of the population living in poverty!

Freedom” and “democracy” are not necessarily easy to achieve. Certainly, declaring a nation free or democratic doesn't make it so. In Burundi's case, corruption undermines the “rule of law,” and continuing violence between ethnic groups makes it hard to pull together to face other horrible problems such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic and food shortages.

Of course, no matter how sad a nation's economic and political situation, every nation has its natural beauties and cultural riches. Check out this tourism video to learn about Burundi's! 
Burundi is landlocked but borders the huge
Lake Tanganyika!

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