July 29, 2011 - Olsok – Norway

Insel Halsnoy in Norway
With the horrendous tragedy that struck Norway this week, this Norwegian holiday will be more solemn than usual. Still, there is much strength and courage in the Norwegian people to celebrate.

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Also on this day...
First U.S. newspaper west of the Alleghenies published – 1786

The Pittsburgh Gazette (now called the Post Gazette) was first published on this day in 1786. Nowadays Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, doesn't seem very far west, but back then it marked the western edge of publishing in North America!

I just went to Pittsburgh for the first time. My favorite sight there was the 42-story Cathedral of Learning, which is a wonderful gothic building where Pitt students can study in cozy medieval-looking nooks or in grand halls with lofty arched ceilings. Two floors of classrooms have been decorated by people from particular countries—everything from Israel to Japan, from Wales to Italy, from Africa to Ukraine—to represent and teach about that country. I spent several happy hours exploring all the “nation” rooms open to the public.

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