July 23, 2011 - First Swimming School in U.S.

– 1827

Apparently the idea of a school that teaches swimming was quite marvelous back in 1827, for the president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, went to Boston and checked it out. Another famous adult who visited the swimming school was naturalist and painter-of-birds James Audubon.

John Quincy Adams
Several websites claim that Adams and Audubon, ages 60 and 42 at the time of the school's opening, were not merely visitors to the school, but were actually pupils there! Maybe, but I'm not positive. If you were 60 years old and hadn't bothered to learn to swim yet, would you take the plunge then?

Like I said, maybe. I'd like to see some evidence of the claim, though...


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Remember, safety first! Here is a swim safety website for kids, and here is another short-and-simple explanation of the basics of swim safety, geared to adults.

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