July 28, 2011 - Olavsoka Eve

– Faroe Islands

Isn't it nice when a nation celebrates the opening of its law-making sessions?

The people of the Faroe Islands have rowing competitions, art exhibitions, folk music, chaindance performances, and calvacades (which are parades of people riding on horses) tonight—all to celebrate the opening of their parliament tomorrow!

The Faroe Islands are halfway between the United Kingdom and Iceland, far to the north in the Atlantic Ocean. Although the nation is self-governing, it is part of the kingdom of Denmark and depends on Denmark for military, police, justice, and foreign affairs.

There are 18 major islands, most of which are long and sknny, in the group.

The Faroe Islands boast cool summers and mild winters, but the sky is usually overcast. One special thing about the islands is that, although they have miles of coastlines, they lack beaches. Instead, most coastal areas have tall sea cliffs; as a matter of fact, the sea cliffs of these islands are the highest in Europe and some of the highest in the world. Check out the cliffs in this cool slideshow

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