August 16 - International Wave at Surveillance Day

  Posted on August 16, 2022     

This is an update of my post published on August 16, 2020:

Get up in the morning, wave at your computer (if it's on, and if the camera isn't covered, like Mark Zuckerberg's is). (Zuck is the founder of Facebook. He also covers his computer's mic.)

If you go somewhere, wave at every traffic cam and business or home security camera you come across.

For sure, if you see a drone, wave at it!

And discuss, discuss, discuss: We in modern society are surveilled, filmed, and photographed way - way - way more than anyone who has ever lived before. Is that good? Bad? Mixed? Are we safer, or are we in more danger than ever before? Who - if anybody - is watching the countless hours of footage, and with what motivation? Our phones already "track" where we go - who uses that data, when, and why?

Who is watching the watchers?

Waving at surveillance cameras may make a sarcastic point, but it also brings awareness of those cameras, which are often subtle and little noticed.

There are no simple answers. But for now, it's worth noting that facial recognition software is a lot less powerful with people who are wearing masks!

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