June 26 - 626 Day

Posted on June 26, 2019

Today is June 26, which in the U.S. is commonly written 6/26 or 6-26. (In most of the world, dates are written day-month-year. In a few nations, they are written year-month-day. Only the U.S. writes dates month-day-year, although some nations writes dates multiple ways, including month-day-year.)

Because of this date-writing convention, it makes sense that, if ANY day were to be 626 Day, it would be today.

But...why have 626 Day at all?

It turns out that, in the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch, the critter that Lilo named Stitch used be called 626. 

As in lab experiment #626.

(As in extra-terrestrial lab, with an alien scientist doing illegal genetic experiments!)

At any rate, fans of the movie Lilo and Stitch have made 6/26 their special day to celebrate all things Lilo (Hawaiian clothing and music and food, maybe even a little surfing) and all things Stitch (well, he's very cute and shows up in everything from purses and dog costumes to dolls and posters). 

Ohana is an important word in the movie - and in Hawaiian culture. It means "family" - but it extends to blood-related relatives, adoptive family members, and intentional family members, meaning special friends who are close enough to be counted as family. 

(In the Hawaiian language, 'ohana begins with that punctuation mark that indicates a glottal stop. It's called 'okina in Hawaiian...which should actually be spelled Hawai'ian!)

I think that we can all celebrate ohana today, even those of us who have never seen the Disney movie!!

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