January 2 – Happy Mew Year for Cats

Posted on January 2, 2019

Today's holiday is, I guess, supposed to be funny - and is at least purrrr-fectly punny! 

If only cats were litter-ate, they would be feline pretty good about the wordplay. 

Cats and kittens make up a surprisingly large part of the internet - funny cat videos, adorably fluffy pics, Lolcat and Grumpy Cat memes, chubby cat gifs, and so forth. 

ThoughtCatalog once said that cats are the "unofficial mascot of the Internet," and 16% of the views of YouTube's pets and animals category - way more views than would be proportional to the number of species represented in that category!

I think cat jokes and general cat humor are popular because - on the one hand - cats seem so cool, above it all, so graceful and beautiful...

...and - on the other hand - they can also be silly and playful, they can be scared-y cats, they can be overly daring and get themselves into trouble!

Happy Mew Year to all my cat friends!

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