December 21 - Celebrating Short!

Posted on December 21, 2017

Today is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The name for "the shortest day of the year" is "winter solstice." It's also referred to as the first day of winter.

Because of that "short" part, winter solstice is celebrated as "Celebrate SHORT Fiction Day" and "SHORT Girl Appreciation Day." 

I'm pretty short, myself, and I don't mind a chance to celebrate short things and people. I will mention that the write-ups of "Short Girl Appreciation Day" seem sexist to me - for one thing, they're really talking about women, not girls; and for another thing, short boys and men tend to run into more problems from their shortness than do girls and women.

Here are some other short things to celebrate:

Short apple trees are much easier to pick from, and many apple orchards are full of short, wide trees. I especially see short trees in orchards that are U-Pick (the buyer gets to pick their own apples).

Bonsai trees are even shorter. And super cool!

I usually enjoy short poetry more than long poetry. Maybe I just give more short poems a chance?

Sometimes a series of relatively short waterfalls are even more beautiful than one long fall. They are often considered cascades rather than falls...

I enjoy the sweep and grandeur of the mountain tundra biome...even though the plants are so short.

Short hair, short-legged animals, short people - all can be super gorgeous or cute or attractive...

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