December 15 – Wear Your Pearls Day

Posted on December 15, 2017

Do you know what an oyster does when an irritating bit of dirt or sand, or even a parasite, gets into its shell?

The oyster blocks the dirt / sand / parasite from the rest of its body, enclosing it in a special sac, and it begins to encase the pesky pest with a layer of calcium carbonate. 

And another layer. And another.

And soon, the oyster has created a strong, hard case around the irritant. Not only is the case strong, it's beautiful and lustrous - it's a pearl!

Motivational speaker DeAnna Bookert encourages us to recognize that the dirt thrown onto us by life - the attacks on us from others or from events - can help us to become stronger and even more beautiful. 

She encourages us to wear our pearls every year on December 15 to remind us of the good aspect of bad events.

Here are some photos of the various different types of pearls. They are here to remind you that, when we take our pain and use it to motivate us to make art, or to fight for ourselves and others, or to show our developing strength in another way, we end up with very different looking lives, very different expressions of strength and resiliency.

And all of that diversity is wonderful.

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