October 8 – National Salmon Day

Posted October 8, 2017

Do you like to eat salmon?

A nice salmon steak with tarragon, parsley, and basil...

Lox on bagels...

Maybe even salmon tacos?

Salmon meat can be pink or orange or even red - and paint manufacturers even make a reddish/orangish color called "salmon."

Salmon is considered by most to be really delicious - and it's also healthy to eat. 

But salmon isn't just a food - it's the creature that food comes from. It's a fascinating fish!

Salmon are famous for their life cycle and migration. They are born in fresh water, but they migrate to the ocean for much of their life, and then they return to fresh water to reproduce. This return to their origins involves, not just swimming upstream, but also using their olfactory memory (their smell-memory) to home in on their birthplace. They even have to JUMP up waterfalls and cataracts. 

(Note that some salmon live their whole lives in fresh water.)

Check out this short video.

When you watch bears eating salmon, you truly marvel at the miracle that salmon can survive their difficult life cycle!

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