September 12 – United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

Posted on September 12, 2013

What do you suppose “South-South Cooperation” means?

Apparently, it is supposed to add to the North-South Cooperation that has already been established: developed countries in the Northern Hemisphere reaching out to help nations that are still developing modern economies in the Southern Hemisphere.

Although there are definitely some highly developed economies in the South! 

Australia and New Zealand spring to mind! 

How about Argentina?

At any rate, there does seem to be a lot of Northern-centrism. We almost always see photos, maps, and globes with the Northern Hemisphere above the Southern Hemisphere—but since the world is a sphere, it could be pictured South-side up half the time. Also, on this blog, I talk more about December being Winter than I do about December being Summer, as it is in the Southern Hemisphere. Why am I so stuck with N.H. goggles?

Well, for one thing, I live in the U.S., firmly in the Northern Hemisphere.
And for another thing, check out these stats:

About two-thirds of the Earth's landmass is in the Northern Hemisphere.

There are about 166 nations in the Northern Hemisphere, compared to only about 29 in the South.

And—get this!—about 90% of all humans live in the Northern Hemisphere!

Can you name two continents that are entirely in the Southern Hemisphere?
What is the only Asian nation that is (partly) in the Southern Hemisphere?
Is South America mostly in the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere? How about Africa?

To check your answers, grab a world map or globe!

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