May 21 - National Waiters and Waitresses Day

Posted on May 21, 2017

Servers work HARD. Many (in the U.S., at least) are paid little and have to depend on tips to make a decent living - but many people don't tip, forget to tip, or undertip.

Of course, some restaurants don't really have servers. Whether it's an Indian buffet or a Swedish smörgåsbord, Souplantation or Subway, or any of the millions of fast food restaurants, food trucks, or food carts, many food places allow customers to line up, order at the cash register, and pick up their orders to be eaten on-site or elsewhere. 

But even in those places, employees often help customers, bus tables, or even bring the food orders out. At Souplantation yesterday, a smiling young woman carried my daughter's tray because she was carrying her toddler, and other employees scooped up used dishes, asked if we were doing okay, brought or put away a high chair, and so on. I would definitely think of them in the same category as "servers," "waiters," and "waitresses."

(By the way, shouldn't today be called "National Servers Day"? Shorter and gender-neutral!)

Today, make a commitment to treating servers with the respect and dignity that all people deserve, and to tipping them well (again, in the U.S. - some countries pay servers a decent wage and don't encourage tipping - check a travel book if you aren't sure).

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