February 26 – Happy Birthday, Tex Avery!

Posted on February 26, 2017

Bugs Bunny!

Daffy Duck!

Porky Pig!

Have you ever heard of these characters?

Tex Avery is part of the Golden Age of American Animation - the time from the invention of the sound cartoon in 1928 to the 1960s, when animated "shorts" in movie theaters began to lose interest for people who had access to animated TV shows.

While Walt Disney and the Disney studios are most famous in early animation, Tex Avery, who worked for Warner Brothers and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, was able to steer the industry toward less sweet, less cute cartoons. Adults tended to like Avery's sarcasm, and kids liked his non-stop action. He even had a bit of an adult twist on fairy tale characters.

Here's another thing that Avery brought to cartoons: breaking the artifice of the cartoon.

I love this! 

Avery would sometimes have a cartoon character burst through the end credits to pop off one last witty remark... 

Or he would have a character directly talk to us in the audience... 

Or he would have a character complain about the plot of the cartoon...within the cartoon!

These clever bits almost always crack me up!

Avery was known for pushing boundaries of animation in many ways, and he was famous for saying, "In a cartoon, you can do anything."

Avery was an animator, cartoonist, voice actor, and director. His small hometown of Taylor, Texas, is where Avery was born on this date in 1908. 

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