February 18 – Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Posted on February 18, 2017

I was all ready for a day of fun, fun, fun, seeing this holiday name. But the slogan under the holiday name was, "Support. Remember. Party on!" And I paused...

"Support" and "remember" sounded a little more serious than "party on." I wondered...

I googled...

Here is the whole sentiment behind Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day: "Support the fighting. Remember the resting. Party on with the survivors of childhood cancer."

Today is about more than just mere "fun." It's about taking joy in living while we can! And it's about helping others achieve joy, too.

It's about fighting cancer with donations to research organizations.

It's about supporting (emotionally, at least, and maybe with practical help and maybe even financial donations) kids and families who are fighting cancer.

It's about helping people who are engaged with such a fight to rest, sometimes, as we take over some of their responsibilities.

It's about remembering to rest ourselves, as well!

It's about remembering loved ones who died. I am remembering my beloved brother, who died of cancer when he was just seven years old. I am also remembering adults who died of cancer, like my dad, my grandma, my aunt, and several friends.

It's about celebrating those who are still with us. Celebrating, and loving, and having fun.

So...it is about fun. It's also about more!

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