October 29 – Republic Day in Turkey

Posted on October 29, 2015

People have lived continuously in what is now Turkey for a long, long time...from at least 10 thousand years ago!

From Anatolia to the Byzantine Empire, from the Seljuk Dynasty to the Ottoman Empire, people lived and died, laughed and cried, loved and warred in this region that lies in the part of the Eurasian continent that is generally considered just outside of Europe, the westernmost beginnings of Asia.

This region was ruled by a variety of sultans, emperors, and other monarchs until this date in 1923, when Turkey was officially declared a republic.

Even though almost all Turkish people are Muslim, the government is secular (in other words, there is no state religion) and religious liberty is guaranteed. It is considered by some to be the only Muslim democracy. It is far more “Westernized” than most Muslim-majority nations.

Of course there are wondrous historical sites in Turkey, plus great cultural activities and markets and - and - and...!

But the natural beauties to be found in Turkey are even more amazing!

The terraced pools of Pamukkale

The Turquoise Coast

The Kackar Mountains

Lake Van


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