August 4 – Happy Birthday, Kieron Williamson

Posted on August 4, 2014

Kieron Williamson is considered a child prodigy.

In 2009, Williamson held his second exhibition. All 16 watercolor paintings sold within the first 14 minutes - for a total of more than 18,000 pounds! 

(I guess you can tell that he's British.)

And at his next exhibition, his paintings sold out within 30 minutes – for a total of 150,000 pounds!

Wait – there's more! In 2011, Williamson sold 33 paintings in 10 minutes for a total of 100,000 pounds, and in 2013 he sold 23 paintings for 242,000 pounds, and the very next week he sold 12 paintings for 210,000 pounds.

Williamson is turning 12 today.

Williamson made a splash when he was just six years old, quickly becoming known in the U.K. for his advanced use of perspective and shading. Since then, as you can tell, he has been pretty prolific – he makes new art all the time. 

Here is his official website.

Here are some paintings Williamson made when he was just six years old!

And here are some more recent works:

I read that Williamson will no longer be attending school, so he can concentrate on painting. I guess that means that he will be homeschooling!

Here are a few instructional videos about watercolor painting.

  • Here is a time-lapse of an accomplished watercolorist painting some flowers. Notice that sometimes paints are added to wet spaces (wet-into-wet) and other times they are added to dry spaces (wet-on-dry). 
  • Here is a great beginning lesson on watercolor.
  • Here are some hints about wet-into-wet. 

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