August 2 – Take a Penny, Leave a Penny Day

Posted on August 2, 2014

There are so many little ways that people help other people out, or make their lives a little easier...

Someone was smart when they came up with those little Take a Penny, Leave a Penny trays that you see next to cash registers in grocery stores and elsewhere. 

Without those trays, all of us would be doing what so many people used to do, dump pennies into their pockets and purses and later, trying to lighten the load in pockets and purses, dumping the pennies into jars at home. Since pennies are almost useless in most transactions (for example, no coin-op machine seems to take them, anymore), pennies used to build up and build up in our homes. Finally, in desperation, many of us would take our jars of pennies to one of those big machines that sorts and counts change and pays us in more sensible forms of cash. Or we would buy penny wraps and count the coins ourselves, and take them to the bank to cash them in.

But with the Take a Penny, Leave a Penny trays, whenever you get from one to four pennies, you can just dump them into the tray. And whenever you need a penny or two so you don't have to break a twenty, you can take what you need. No more pennies in a jar, right?

So brilliant!

I bet whoever thought of creating those trays made a handy bit of dough. Sure, some people just take any old bowl and make a hand-made sign, but plenty of folks bought specially inscribed plastic trays for the purpose. And then of course there were all those manufacturers who bought trays and slapped ads on them and passed them out to the stores they deal with...

To celebrate today...

  • Scrounge around for pennies at your house and fill all the Take/Leave Penny trays you can.
  • Or try to come up with a another cool idea to save everybody time and money and aggravation.
  • Or use Google to find out why some people want to eliminate the penny. Are there any good arguments against getting rid of the penny?

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