April 5 – International Tabletop Day

Posted on April 5, 2014

This isn't a day to clear off all our tables, so we can see our tabletops – although that is always a good idea!

And it certainly isn't a day to refinish our marred-and-scratched tabletops – although, again, if they need them, get on that!

Instead of household chores, International Tabletop Day is about PLAYING! Hooray! We are urged to go to a game day at our favorite game store, coffee shop, or library, or to host a game day at our house – and then play, play, play all day, day, day.

Last year there were thousands of public game events in 64 nations worldwide on International Tabletop Day. There were events in each and every state in the U.S., and each and every province of Canada, and there were events on every continent – even Antarctica! 

Maybe that's because tabletop games are universally popular and can be played anywhere! 

(You don't even absolutely have to have a table!)

Tabletop games include card games, board games, tile games, dice games, and more!

Check out my favorite games, gathered on this Pinterest board

Here is a Pinterest board with templates, printables, ideas, and other resources for making your own individualized board game! And here is a step-by-step plan for making your own game, from Wiki How.

Finally, here is a link Wil Wheaton (geek and gamer extraordinaire) recommends for inexpensive tabletop RPGs (Role Playing Games) for kids.

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