March 17 – Wellderly Day

Posted on March 17, 2014

How do we treat the oldest people in our society? Today is the day to consider the wellbeing—mental, emotional, and physical—of elderly people. If you have older relatives in your family, a visit or call is a great idea. Even more amazing would be starting a new tradition or recording stories of “the good old days” so you can learn some of your own family history!

Check out this story about how a senior citizen helps make kids in her community happy—and how they have returned the favor. 

Zoom provides some ideas for how kids can help seniors. And Pennies of Time has some more great ideas. 

A great program that has begun is the Granny Cloud. Grandmothers and other adults (largely seniors) are able to Skype with children in various parts in the world, encouraging, nurturing, praising—and by their attention, helping those kids to learn! Check it out! 

Some people say that Wellderly Day (and all week), we should encourage elderly people NOT to “act their age,” and to celebrate those who don't “act their age.” But I think maybe we should redefine what “acting like an 80 year old” means! Maybe “acting like an 80 year old” means playing card games with grandkids, dancing around the living room every time music is on, and hanging out with friends as much as possible! Maybe “acting like at 85 year old” means learning to hoop, dressing up for Halloween, and trying new foods!

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