January 18 – Polar Bear Jump-Off in Alaska

Posted on January 18, 2014

Oh, my! Is this a good idea?

Today in Seward, Alaska, people all bundled up against the snowy winter chill will watch participants dressed in wacky costumes jump into near-freezing water!


It sounds completely crazy (which is a notch up from wacky), but this tradition of derring-do, held annually since 1986, is a fundraiser. Pledges of donations to the American Cancer Society have reached more than 72 THOUSAND dollars this year alone.

The Cancer Society's goal is to not only fight cancer and find cures, but also to create something precious: more birthdays!

Another goal is to give everyone access to lifesaving cancer screenings. In almost all cases, early detection of cancer is a great help in fighting it!

So...crazy though they may be, we can all say a hearty thank you to the eighty participants who will be jumping into the frigid waters of Resurrection Bay today!

By the way, other fundraising Polar Bear events held this weekend will include a carnival, a parade, turkey bowling, a silent auction, and a dinner (seafood, of course!).
This is what a REAL polar bear jump-off looks like.

Learn about polar bears!

  • DLTK offers crafts, a coloring page, and even an online jigsaw puzzle about polar bears! 

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