January 20 – Penguin Awareness Day

Posted on January 20, 2014

The folks at Sea World called for a day to learn about, work on behalf of, and appreciate penguins. Since I just focused on the Arctic (Northern polar region) polar bears a mere two days ago, I think it is a wonderful idea to focus on the Antarctic (Southern polar region) penguins today!

Of course, penguins don't live just in the polar regions. As a matter of fact, of the 17 species of penguins, only 6 can be found in Antarctica. However, all penguins in the wild live in the Southern Hemisphere.

I just went to the Aquarium of the Pacific (in Long Beach, CA) yesterday, and they have a charming exhibit chock full of Magellanic penguins, which live in the waters of South America, from Argentina and Chile, in the south, sometimes going north as far as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These guys mate for life! They live and hunt in large flocks, but when it is breeding season, the males scuttle back to their burrows from the previous year and wait there for their partners to return.

They are pretty much the cutest creatures on the planet!

Scientists are concerned that Antarctic species such as the emperor penguin may become extinct because of global climate change and the loss of sea ice. In 2012 researchers were ecstatic to find a thriving colony of about 9,000 emperors in a remote location—but that doesn't remove the very real danger these magnificent creatures face.

Celebrate penguins!

Read about them, watch You Tube videos, maybe even adopt a penguin...

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