January 18, 2012 - Thesaurus Day

The word thesaurus looks like a dinosaur name,
doesn't it?

If you can't read it, the caption says, "Having great
vocabulary didn't save the thesaurus
from extinction / eradication / extirpation."

A thesaurus is an enormous list of words, categorized into synonyms and antonyms rather than listed alphabetically. In a published book, a thesaurus has an alphabetical list at the back that helps users find the word and other similar words. Nowadays many people use a Thesaurus function on their computers and word processing programs.

Why is today considered Thesaurus Day? Peter Mark Roget, who is famous for his thesaurus (compiled in 1805 and published in 1852, thereby the first modern thesaurus), was born on this day in 1779.

Use a thesaurus today!

Here are a few ideas for thesaurus projects. 

Here and here are two examples of an online thesaurus. Which is organized in the way you like best? Which has more synonyms for the word clean? /

Here are some thesaurus games you can play! 

Also on this date:

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