September 3 – Another Look Unlimited Day

Posted on September 3, 2013

Today we are urged to stop and give another look to whatever we were about to throw away.

Could that thing be recycled? Reused? Made into art? Donated to charity? Given to a friend? Sold on e-Bay or in a yard sale?

I have two thoughts here:

First, it is very dangerous to look too hard at everything you want to throw away, because you can become paralyzed. I can think of a way to use almost everything that qualifies as trash or garbage in either a craft or a science experiments. 

But as great as that would be for the landfills, it would be terrible for my house and side yard and garage!


Second, it's very worthwhile to set aside perfectly fine things for a once-a-month drop-off at a charity/thrift store, rather than filling up landfills with old-but-working items and barely-worn-but-outgrown clothes. Also, many people give gifts in it's the perfect time to be collecting items to be repurposed or upcycled!

December is coming!
Learn how to make this upcycled menorah
at Celebrations.
"We Wish You an Upcycled Christmas"
can be found at You To Life.

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