December 6, 2012 - Miners' Day

Miners do an incredibly important job, since we depend on metals to build our machines. And they do an incredibly dangerous job, too.
Mining used to be even more
dangerous a century ago...

Even these days, with safety equipment and procedures, miners face the possibility of gas explosions, equipment failure, roof falls and fires. Even miners who escape injury on the job often suffer from lung diseases or other health problems from mining.

Apparently one of the people who helped set aside this day to honor miners is author / Vietnam War veteran / NASA engineer Homer Hickam. He is really Homer Hickam, Jr., because his dad had the same name; his dad was a miner and eventually a mine supervisor in the coal fields of West Virginia. You can find out more about Hickam by reading his book, Rocket Boys, or watching the movie based on that book, October Sky.

Miners work hard to get raw materials we need:

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