December 4, 2012 - National Cookie Day and Cookie Cutter Week!

Mmm...I love this time of year partly because I break loose from eating sensibly and make our favorite cookie recipes. And I dearly love cookies!

It's especially nice to turn on the oven all day while baking batch after batch of cookies when it's chilly outside. Needless to say, cookies hot out of the oven are especially delicious. (And I am pretty sure they are zero calories, right?)

Anyway, today is a great day for me because it is National Cookie Day AND part of Cookie Cutter Week (December 1-7). Here are some splendid ideas for the celebration:

  • Use cookie cutters to do some crafts. Here are some great ideas...
And here are ideas with a bit more in the way of directions!

And of course...

Also on this date:

National Dice Day 

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