May 17, 2012 - Barti Ddu's Birthday

Aye, a pirate he was born to be, when he was born in Wales on this day in 1682. He be born John Roberts—an ordinary name, to be sure—and he went to sea as a lawful sailor when he was but 13 years old. After years of working for low wages, Roberts be kidnapped by pirates, and they saw that he be a fine navigator. ('Twas monstrous important to navigate well, on the seas!) 'Tweren't long afore the pirate captain that stole Roberts was killed, and Roberts was chosen as head captain of th' pirates!

Now, this Roberts took the name Bartholomew—me thinks that many a pirate changed his name, mayhap to protect law-abiding kin back home—and some people called him “Black Bart” (or Barti Ddu in Welsh.)

Roberts an' his scurvy mates did many a raid on ships off th' coasts of America and West Africa. 'Tis strange to tell that Roberts, a pirate who was right reluctant to even be a pirate, be the most successful pirate of th' whole Golden Age of Piracy. He took more'n 470 prizes (ships) in his career!

By th' way...

Roberts be born in Casnewydd-Bach, which translates to "Little Newcastle." For more on Welsh names, set yer eyes on this earlier post

Mayhap ye've heard tale of the Dread Pirate Roberts—'twas the pirate Westley pretended to be in The Princess Bride. Here be some other links to pirate posts: stories of the true pirates of the Caribbean over here, Anne Bonny over there, and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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