February 28, 2012 - National Tooth Fairy Day

In some cultures around the world, there is a Tooth Mouse who scampers around town and steals children's teeth in the middle of the night. Sometimes the Tooth Mouse leaves money in exchange for the tooth. (Sound familiar?) In El Salvador, the creeping creature who makes those nighttime exchanges of money for teeth is a rabbit, and in America, it's the Tooth Fairy.

Some cultures have other traditions. In Costa Rica, lost teeth are made into charms for the children to wear. In many places, they are burned or buried in the ground. In the Dominican Republic, they are thrown onto the roof. A Yupix Amerindian would wrap a lost tooth in food and then feed it to a female dog!

Check out Throw Your Tooth on the Roof, by Selby Beeler, for more about these worldwide traditions. 

Celebrate the Tooth Fairy!

Make a special pillow with a pocket to use for the lost-tooth exchange. 

Here are some stories about the Tooth Fairy:

My favorite book about losing teeth is Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth, by Lucy Bates. 

Make a Tooth Fairy box or tote

Teaching Heart provides an entire website on Dental Health. 

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