December 31, 2011 - New Year's Eve – inside an Iguanodon!

On this date in 1853, a group of Great Britain's leading scientists ate a formal New Year's Eve dinner inside a huge model of a dinosaur! This was to mark the launch of sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins's first ever dinosaur sculptures in the world – and the world's first life-sized models of extinct animals. He created the iguanodon model plus models of extinct mammals and other dinosaurs to be displayed on the grounds of the Crystal Palace in London, on three islands in the two human-engineered lakes.

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Which fantastic place would you like to celebrate New Year's Eve? It would be hard to imagine, “inside a model of a dinosaur, along with famous scientists,” but it really happened. See if you can stretch your imagination to an even more amazing place...

How about New Zealand, to see fire poi (juggling fire)?

Or Frankfurt, Germany, to see fireworks?

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